The following is an inexhaustive list of privacy abusive and privacy treathening policies and practices by tech giants and governments. The list does not include incidents that occured out of bugs or hacks because they are not deliberately done by the companies.

  1. Amazon Echo devices can network with each other even without an Internet connection. Skynet is live. Learn more.
  2. Facebook can track you throughout the Internet. Here’s how to put a stop to it. Learn more.
  3. Google representatives agrees that some recordings of conversations between users and Google Assistant are listened to by Google employees. Learn more.
  4. German privacy tsar tells ministries to shut Facebook pages. Learn more.
  5. WhatsApp vs Govt: in two cases in HC, each side contradicts itself. Learn more.
  6. Facebook dominates cases of recorded social media grooming. Learn more.
  7. Facebook shareholders try to block encryption plan. Learn more.
  8. WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy Just Kicked In. Here’s What You Need to Know. Learn more.
  9. Apple puts ads on iphones. Learn more
  10. Apple fails to regulate app developers into adhering with its own privacy policy. Learn more.
  11. US police and fire departments partnering with Amazon’s Ring passes 2,000. Learn more.
  12. WhatsApp changes its privacy policy to share consumer details with Facebook network. Learn more.
  13. Amazon hires former NSA boss. Learn more.
  14. Google employees themselves are confused about Google's privacy policies. Learn more.
  15. Facebook isn't happy about iOS 14's privacy features. Learn more.
  16. Facebook, Google and Amazon spent nearly half a billion dollars on lobbying. Learn more.
  17. More privacy wooes with Amazon Alexa. Learn more.
  18. Google collected personal information of children and targeted them with ads to make profit. Learn more.
  19. Amazon collects data from third party devices even when they are not operated with Alexa. Learn more.
  20. Facebook stored millions of Facebook and Instagram passwords in plain text. Learn more.
  21. Google installs a microphone in their NEST thermostats and forgets to tell customers. Learn more.
  22. Microsoft maintained a secret whitelist of vendors that can run Adobe flash player bypassing click to run settings made by users. Learn more.
  23. Evidence emerges of Google unlawfully profiling users according to religious beliefs, ethnicities, diseases, disabilities, and sexual orientation. Learn more.
  24. Facebook defends giving tech giants access to extensive user data. Learn more.
  25. After public statement that they no longer share data anymore, Facebook gave certain business partners deeper access to users' private data without consent. Learn more.
  26. Facebook shared users' data with mobile phone manufacturers in order to add Facbook-like features on the phones. Learn more here, here and here.
  27. When users log in to Gmail, Google automatically logs Chrome too and starts synchronizing users' browsing data with their Google account. Learn more.
  28. Amazon Echo device recorded private conversations and sent it to a contact. Learn more.
  29. Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica to harvest ~87 million users' personal data without their consent. Learn more.
  30. Gmail spies on emails to find keywords to show advertisements. Learn more.
  31. Google tracked users online without their permission and knowledge. Learn more.
  32. Facebook made their users private data public without their consent or notifying them. Learn more.
  33. Google first denies, then admits to mistakenly collecting user's private emails, photos and other personal data from open wifi networks. Learn more.
  34. Facebook added their user's details of web browsing to their news feed automatically as part of Beacon program. Learn more.