Dear programmer,

We are building our founding team, and if you are an extra-ordinary programmer, you are the one we are looking for.

Anyatara (pronounced as an-ya-ta-ra) aims to build a single ecosystem of multiple technology products anchored on user privacy and responsible designs.

We guarantee privacy by business model, by technical design and by a legal promise, and as a consequence, users can enjoy true ownership and control of their data.

We also implement responsible designs that are functional, non-deceptive, non-addictive, sans dark patterns, safe for mental health and discriminative of information, misinformation and disinformation.

Anyatara is a combination of idealism and practicality. We believe in certain principles on the Internet which constitute the Anyatara Manifesto that guide us.

Anyatara Manifesto

  1. Privacy is a fundamental right, but it must not be used to shadow illegal and anti-social activities.

  2. Users alone are the true owners of their data, with unfettered control over it and to do what they choose to with it.

  3. Users have the right to know and must consent to every data collected and every collection technique employed by companies.

  4. Freedom of speech and expression is integral to a healthy society. But, they do not extend to fake news, propaganda, disinformation campaigns and abuses.

  5. Net neutrality is indispensable to the health of Internet and it must be protected.

  6. Free flow of information on the Internet is indispensable to social justice. But anti-social content like child and revenge pornography must be censored.

Products envisioned

Fron a product perspective, privacy has two endpoints—one where data is collected and the other where the collected data is abused. We intend to build products for both ends.

Where data is collected, we will build encrypted and privacy focused alternatives like email, cloud, social network, instant messengers, various financial and entertainment products. And where data is abused, we intend to build products respective to the market—such as a privacy respecting e-commerce portal, travel portal, etc.

Our products must designed with the following design philosophy—

  1. Minimalism—products that do few specific things.
  2. Progressive design—products that work even on fundamental layers (Eg, JS disabled browsers).
  3. High performance—a second is simply too precious to waste waiting to load a web or app page.

You must share these design/development philosophies for better fit.


Open positions are listed below. Besides salary, we are offering ESOPs to the founding team members. Interested professionals must express their interest and send resumes to recruitment[at]anyatara[dot]com. Mostly importantly, please state what can you add/bring to the process.

Web developers

Linux server administrators

C and C++ programmers

The general skills expected from applicants are—

  1. Creative, analytical and statistical thinking.
  2. Algorithmic as well as heuristic approach to solve problems.
  3. High reasoning.
  4. Craftsmanship in respective jobs.
  5. Disciplined, self-driven and self-managed with impeccable work ethic.
  6. Clean coder and a disciple of the Agile manifesto.
  7. Acquainted with the common laws of software development.

As part of our work culture—

  1. Problems are solved optimally, at its root.
  2. Heuristics are only employed when circumstances demand it.
  3. Systems are designed for high performance and usability.
  4. We do what is best for the product, process and customers.

Looking forward to building a team.

Justin Mathew
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