Our mission is to transition the critical Internet applications from a privacy abusing business model to a privacy respecting business model. We intends to build a single ecosystem of multiple technology products such as cloud suite, social networks and digital payment platforms that are anchored on user privacy and responsible designs.

We guarantee user privacy by business model, by technical design and by a legal promise, and as a consequence, users can enjoy true ownership and control of their data.

We guarantee responsible design by implementing designs that are functional, non-deceptive, non-addictive, sans dark patterns, safe for mental health and discriminative of information, misinformation and disinformation.

Anyatara is a combination of idealism and practicality. We believe in certain principles on the Internet which constitute the Anyatara Manifesto that guide us.

The Anyatara Manifesto

  1. Privacy is a fundamental right, but it must not be used to shadow illegal and anti-social activities.
  2. Anonymity is not a right. It is a double edged sword that is necessary at times and a curse at other times.
  3. Users alone are the true owners of their personal data, so long as they have not transferred that right to another person or body.
  4. Users have the right to know every data collected of them and every data collection technique employed on them.
  5. Freedom of speech and expression is integral to a healthy society but they do not extend to fake news, propaganda, disinformation campaigns and abuses.
  6. Net neutrality is indispensable to the health of Internet and it must be protected... at all cost.
  7. Free flow of information on the Internet is indispensable to social justice but anti-social content like child and revenge pornography must be censored.

Where are we now

The project is due to start the development. We are raising seed money and hiring engineers with ESOPs. The open positions are listed below. Interested professionals can email their resumes to recruitment[at]anyatara[dot]com.

Web developers

Linux server administrators

Looking forward to building a team.

Justin Mathew